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Time to lighten up!

Because we have subconscious programs running for every aspect of life, hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues including weight loss, quitting sugar, alcohol, smoking and other addictions, changing bad habits like nail biting, releasing phobias, anxiety and depression, building self-esteem and confidence, releasing fear of public speaking, improving your relationship with money and supporting business success.

Here are a few areas that I specialise in, which respond really well to hypnosis:

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The Simpson Protocol

A holistic approach to hypnosis using the Superconscious Mind

This technique represents a profound breakthrough in Hypnosis. It uses deeper states of trance, allowing access to what we refer to our Superconscious. Our Superconscious is the decision maker in our life, the overseer.

We have our Conscious Mind - (the chatty box, our will power).

We have our Subconscious Mind - (where our programs, beliefs, behaviours, memories lie).

We have our Unconscious Mind - (responsible for automatic physiological behaviours such as blinking and heart beating).

The Superconscious is the part that takes all the information from the senses, the conscious and subconscious mind and makes the bigger decisions. Maybe it decides its safer to be bigger? the 'bigger picture' things. It has been with us from the start and knows the how's and the why's.

Maybe there has been times when you had a feeling you shouldn't do something but you do it anyway?.. afterwards you thought "I wish I listened to myself" Some call it Intuition, Quantum Mind, Inner healer, Higher Self, so many names for a similar amazing part Devine part that is within each of us.


The Simpson Protocol allows us to have direct communication with Superconscious, and also allows you to be able to enter these deeper states at home easily using Self Hypnosis.


The Simpson Protocol can be used for any issue or reason, from clinical to meta-physical this process is next level.

The Simpson Protocol
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