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Time to lighten up!

Because we have subconscious programs running for every aspect of life, hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues including weight loss, quitting sugar, alcohol, smoking and other addictions, changing bad habits like nail biting, releasing phobias, anxiety and depression, building self-esteem and confidence, releasing fear of public speaking, improving your relationship with money and supporting business success.

Here are a few areas that I specialise in, which respond really well to hypnosis:

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Relationships

A view into your souls journey

Working in Past Life Regression is a passion of mine. Since my first experience of this, I have come to appreciate and value the information and understanding this unique journey can provide.


Useful insights you can experience:


- Ability to heal connections, releasing any remaining energy that may be inhibiting you to move forward.

- Understand current behaviours and release where these may have been created in another life.

- Release unexplained fears and patterns.

- Heal trapped emotions which may be showing up in the current physical body.

I thoroughly enjoy taking this journey with people and seeing the rapid change this can bring about.

What else is possible! 

Past Life Regression
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