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Take back control

of your life

If you’re ready to harness the power of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you’ve come to the right place.  ​  

Your customized hypnotherapy experience begins with you. Click here to schedule your FREE Hypnosis Discovery session to discuss your goals and set a plan of action for your success.

Feel better now, with a free self-hypnosis relaxation audio

What could life be like, if you weren't your own worst enemy?

Are you dissatisfied with life right now? Do you  find yourself trying to fill up the emptiness inside with booze, food or screen? Do you know there's better things out there for you, but you just can't get it together? Stop getting in your own way, and turn your life around!  ​  

Using the power of the Subconscious Mind, I  help people just like you to release the behaviour and beliefs that are holding them back, so they can take back their power and fulfil their potential.


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The Simpson Protocol

Advanced Hypnosis to access the deepest parts of the mind to create profound change.

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Past Life Regression

A journey of your soul to recall useful information around events and connections you have experienced


Weight Loss


Eliminate unnecessary body fat and rediscover your confidence.




Release worry, let go of fear, and step into your best comfort.


Trauma Release

Let go of the past and step into your future with freedom and confidence

Meet your  Hypnotherapist

Lily Alan 

My entire life as far as back as my conscious recall goes, I had a knowing there was a greater meaning to being here. In my 2 years living in London where I was employed in the early 90's as a Carer for the elderly, I was grateful to those who shared some of their life stories with me and their life reflections. It wasn’t just a job, I found this invaluable. It also satisfied my knowing there is so much more to this journey than satisfying ones subconscious beliefs and inherited programming.

Completing a series of self-development courses in Sydney in the early 1990’s, offered me a clearer link between past and present at a conscious level. I continued to feel a natural pull to expand on this with curiosity. In the mid 1990’s I completed my Diploma in Swedish and Remedial massage with The Sydney School of Natural Therapies. Soon after I moved back to Melbourne where I studied Chinese Medicine learning the history, and the relationship between the elements and emotions and how these show up in the physical. Although different angles or lenses, I saw a common theme.

I delved into training in Past Life Regression and then Clinical Hypnotherapy. This leg of my journey started with my first experience seeing a Past Life. This had such an impact on me where new doors opened. This aligned with and confirmed what I felt intuitively in my early years where I knew there was so much more to life.

Whether in Past Life Regression and understanding the journey of one’s soul and those connected or in Hypnotherapy experiencing blocks shifts by bypassing the mental faculty (gateway) to the subconscious (hard drive); working in this realm has been such a contribution and invaluable to my journey and the exciting discovery of my passion and calling.

Within Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, I intuitively use many effective tools and techniques to suit. I specialize in Trauma Release Therapy and PTSD.

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The real question is: Are you ready for change?  Hypnotherapy is so effective because it gets to the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms. By tapping into the power of the Subconscious Mind, you can create profound and long lasting transformation.


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